What does it cost for my business to participate?

This is a unique plan and offering. We are allowing limited participation to qualified local businesses. There is no cost for you or your employees to participate in the plan. You only pay for the services used.

Does my business qualify?

The Sterling Vision Savings Plan is designed for local Oregon-based businesses with 1-75 employees. If you would still like to inquire, but your business exceeds 75 employees, please contact [email protected] for further details.

What is the Sterling Vision Savings Plan?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than two-thirds of businesses nationwide offer vision insurance.* This plan is designed to provide savings on standard vision care products and services for uninsured employees of local Oregon-based small businesses.

When you enroll, your employees will receive detailed information from Sterling Vision about the plan and can enjoy benefits immediately. These benefits cannot be combined with vision insurance.

* https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/ebs2.pdf

What are the plan offerings?

Discounted Services
Without Plan
With Plan

Eye Exam w/ Medical Screening

Digital Retinal Imaging*
Sterling Vision Frames**
Other Retail Frames***
Contact Lens Fitting****

  • *With digital retinal imaging you may not need a dilated eye exam.
  • **Estimated price of glasses with Sterling Vision branded frames with single vision lenses. Prices may vary.
  • ***Estimated price range of fashion branded frames with single vision lenses. Prices may vary.
  • ****40% discount can also be applied to more complicated lens fitting service fees.

Other Benefits of the Plan

24-hour turnaround on glasses (specific locations)1

1 Some exclusions may apply

Over-the-counter eye drops at up to 25% less than leading online retailers

Online scheduling available


Download Brochures

Whether you’re an employer who wants to learn more or wants to let their employees know about these benefits, we have a brochure you can download and print out: