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Maximize Your Vision Potential

Vision Therapy is an individualized treatment program designed to correct visual-motor, perceptual, and visual processing deficiencies which interfere with learning, using computers and devices and sports performance. We will work with you to maximize your brain’s ability to control eye tracking, focusing and teaming, enhancing your perception and increasing your vision potential.

Josh Graham

Josh was struggling in school. Homework was a nightmare. After a comprehensive vision assessment with a Sterling Vision optometrist it was determined that although Josh didn’t need glasses to see, his eyes were not working as a team, preventing him from doing his school work comfortably and efficiently. After completing an individualized vision therapy program, Josh is reading faster, and receiving A’s and B’s and homework is no longer a concern.

Vision and

One in four school-age children have an undiagnosed vision problem that can interfere with their ability to learn. Poor focus, eye teaming and eye movement control can cause problems such as tired eyes, headaches, loss of place, skipping words, blurriness and unsteady print. Even if a student can see clearly, there may be other significant vision perception and processing challenges hindering their ability to learn. Our dedicated team of doctors and therapists create individualized vision therapy programs designed to develop the visual abilities students need for academic success.

for Brain Injury

More of the brain is dedicated to the processing of visual information than all the other senses combined. A brain injury (traumatic, concussion, stroke, tumor) can significantly disrupt the multiple processes and pathways involved in vision. This can lead to an impairment of visual field, control of the eye muscles, perception of space, visually guided movement, balance and more. Our doctors and therapists work with survivors through a vision rehabilitation program designed to help them overcome their vision challenges.

Visual Strain
From Computers
and Devices

21st century life demands more from our vision than ever before. Many children and adults constantly use their near vision at school, work and home, and environmental stresses on the visual system can induce blurred vision, eyestrain, headaches and dry eyes. At Sterling Vision, we screen for the functional abilities you need to be successful for today’s visual demands and coordinate the best treatment options, increasing your stamina around devices and activities.

Sports Vision

Whether you are on the field, court, or out hunting, Sterling Vision is here to help you use your vision more effectively. Sports vision therapy and training can enhance your abilities by improving your coordination, concentration, visual decision making and reaction time, static and dynamic visual skills, peripheral vision, depth perception, speed of focus, visual memory, and spatial localization. Our doctors and therapists build a custom-designed sports vision program to help you perform at your peak.

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