Travel Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe

Travel Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe

Enjoy a vacation free from eye injuries by following these suggestions

Summer is the perfect time to take off or set sail on vacation. And while we all know the tips and tricks to avoid jet lag or dry skin while traveling, how many of us know how to keep our eyes protected during long trips? We’ve gathered some helpful tips to help your eyes stay fresh during your next vacation.

What to Pack?
Be prepared for every situation:

  • Pack a spare pair of glasses in case you break or misplace your originals.
  • If you use prescription eye drops, pack an extra bottle. You may not be able to get the same prescription or brand while traveling.
  • If you get something in your eye, avoid washing your eye out with tap water — which contains impurities and minerals that could irritate your eye even more — and instead pack a sterile eye wash solution to rinse your eye.
  • Pack sunglasses and a sunhat. Your sunglasses are most effective when they are 100% UV-resistant and are large enough to provide optimal coverage. Before your trip, invest in a quality pair of sunglasses — your eyes will thank you.

Travel Tips:

  • For long trips, skip the contact lenses and opt for glasses to avoid any irritation while traveling. Constant temperature shifts and lack of humidity will irritate anyone’s eyes, especially contact wearers.
  • Give your eyes some much-needed TLC throughout your travels by applying a warm compress at the end of each leg of the trip. Just wet a washcloth with warm water and place it over your eyes for 4–5 minutes.
  • Take extra precautions to avoid eye strain when traveling. Eye strain is extremely common, especially after a long trip. Limit your screen time, adjust your lighting, and make sure to take frequent breaks when focusing on screens.

And finally, don’t ignore changes in your vision when traveling. If you notice any vision changes, even small ones, seek medical attention to avoid having any major issues pop up.

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