Sinus Infections and Eye Issues

Sinus Infections and Eye Issues

Sinus problems are more likely to cause eye issues than you probably think.

When you think of sinus infections, you probably think of headaches and stuffy noses, and maybe even cough and sore throat. You rarely think about the impact they could have on the eyes. However, sinuses are located very close to the eyes, meaning that an infection can have damaging effects on the eyes.

First off, what are sinuses? Sinuses are air pockets located within the bones of the skull and face and are connected to your nasal passages by tubes that allow mucus to drain from the sinus. Healthy sinuses are constantly bringing air in and mucous out. When they become inflamed or blocked, they produce symptoms like pain and stuffy noses. This inflammation can also be the result of a sinus infection.

This swelling can put pressure on the eyes, resulting in blurry vision, eye pain and even an infection in one or both eyes. Sometimes this pressure and swelling can be treated with over-the-counter allergy, sinus and/or pain medication. If your eyes are itchy or draining mucous, it’s a good idea to get them checked out for an infection.

For those who suffer from sinus infections that affect the eyes almost every year (we know who we are!), it’s a good idea to see both your ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) in conjunction with your eye doctor so as all your symptoms are properly diagnosed and treated. There are serious conditions that are the result of sinus issues, such as orbital abscesses or blepharitis.

If you think you have an eye infection, contact your doctor immediately. If you need medication, it’s better to start sooner rather than later. To schedule an appointment with Sterling Vision, call 866-439-3588 or schedule online.