Five Hidden Benefits of Glasses

Five Hidden Benefits of Glasses

A pair of spectacles has more perks than just vision correction.

Barring surgical options, the choice of vision correction generally comes down to either eyeglasses or contact lenses. Many people use both, but there are those who still prefer one over the other, and both forms of vision correction have their unique advantages. Here are five hidden benefits to wearing glasses.

#1 – Saves You Money
Glasses are a rather cost-effective source of vision correction. Contact lenses can be a hefty expense, with most people spending between $200-$500 for a year’s supply. A well-kept pair of glasses with a stable prescription should last you a number of years, making them a perfect choice on a tight budget.

#2 – Fashionable
These days, glasses can be just as much of a fashion statement as any other article of clothing or accessory. The products of popular luxury brands are in great demand, and even manufacturers not known for their aesthetics have begun to consider fashion trends with their latest designs. If fashion is important to you, then your choice of glasses can be your loudest statement.

#3 – Makes You Look Smart
We’ve all heard of this one. Likely due to their historic association with so-called nerds, glasses make us perceive those who wear them as having an above-average intelligence, as well as having a better character in general. This is by no means the most practical benefit of glasses, but it can be advantageous in certain social settings.

#4 – No Dry Eyes
Unlike contact lenses, glasses will not dry out your eyes when you wear them. This is because glasses make no direct contact with your eyes, whereas contact lenses rest on the surface of your eyes and can affect their lubrication. Glasses also protect your eyes from winds, air conditioning currents, and other environmental factors that can cause dry eyes. If you have naturally dryer eyes, then glasses are probably your go-to form of corrective eyewear.

#5 – Lower Risk of Infection
Glasses create a barrier between your eyes and your environment, making it more difficult for irritants and bacteria to reach them. Wearing glasses also makes you less likely to touch your eyes with your hands, which tend to be the source of most germs that reach your face. Because of this, your chances of contracting an eye disease are significantly reduced.

Even with all of these hidden benefits, the number one reason for wearing eyeglasses is vision assistance, and our experienced optometrists at Sterling Vision can deliver the comprehensive eye exams that can help you determine this need. To schedule an appointment with us, call 541-262-0597 or schedule online.