Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Learn about the risks to your child’s eyesight.

It’s easy to think of children as being immune to negative health. But in reality, we all know that the young can be just as vulnerable to health issues as the old, including those that impact the eyes. August is dedicated to spreading awareness for the necessity to protect the vision of all children. Here are some ways how.

Know the Warning Signs
Judging your child’s eye is easier than it sounds. The most obvious signs are visual abnormalities like amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes). These issues are easy to spot, but other signs are more subtle, like squinting, sitting up close to the TV, chronic headaches, and eyes that tend to wander. Don’t brush these signs off, for if they’re due to any underlying conditions, then they’re only liable to become worse.

Communicate with School Staff
Teachers and staff are responsible for picking up on some of these signs themselves, but it never hurts to be proactive by reaching out to them if you have any concerns. After all, that low grade might not be a result of poor effort, but rather a result of poor vision. Launching a conversation with school staff can lead to the early discovery – and treatment – of a variety of eye issues.

Buy Protective Eyewear for Sports
Even at a young age, sports can be dangerous. Many involve some degree of contact, as well as kinetic equipment like balls, lacrosse sticks, bats, etc. A lot of sports require protective gear for your body, but few require protective eyewear. Again, being proactive can pay dividends down the road. Invest in goggles or polycarbonate lenses for your athlete to significantly reduce the chances of sports-related eye injuries.

Don’t Buy Hazardous Toys
Tens of thousands of toy-related injuries occur each year. Although these types of incidents rarely require an ER visit, they are by and large avoidable. Refrain from giving your younger ones any toys that come with small parts, sharp edges, or other potentially dangerous pieces, as these can quickly go from benign objects to the causes of an eye injury.

Schedule Their Annual Eye Exam
Lastly, staying on top of your child’s yearly vision check-up is vital toward maintaining their eye health. Even if your child hasn’t experienced any issues, only a licensed eye doctor can conduct an evaluation to ensure that their eye development is proceeding smoothly. Should underlying conditions be in their early stages of growth, your child can begin to get the treatment they need sooner rather than later.

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