Blepharoplasty: A Medical and Cosmetic Option

Blepharoplasty: A Medical and Cosmetic Option

Blepharoplasty removes surplus skin from the eyes. Read more about the various reasons it is performed.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove fat and surplus skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. As skin ages, it gradually loses elasticity, causing skin to sag and droop on the eyelids. Excess skin on the lower eyelid causes wrinkles and bulges. Excess skin and fat on the upper eyelids can create a heavy looking eyelid and aged appearance. The extra fold of skin can also hang over the eyelashes and reduce your field of vision. A blepharoplasty operation can reduce or eliminate these problems and make your eyes appear refreshed, rested and awake.

Blepharoplasty may be an option if you have:

  • Baggy or droopy upper eyelids
  • Excess skin of the upper eyelids that interferes with your vision
  • Excess skin on the lower eyelids
  • Bags under your eyes

Most people recover from blepharoplasty 7-10 days after the surgery. Insurance may cover the cost of upper eyelid surgery if the patient has an obstruction of their field of vision due to excess skin. At Sterling Vision, we will perform a thorough examination, including formal Visual Field Testing and any photographs your insurance company may require.