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Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

Anyone who spends a lot of time staring at screens could benefit from a pair of computer glasses. Here’s why.

In the digital age, adults in Eugene, Oregon spend an average of seven hours daily on screens. Sterling Vision, your trusted optometry partner, presents a solution: computer glasses. Meticulously crafted by our Eugene eye doctor, these specialized eyeglasses enhance your visual comfort during extended screen use.

1. Diminish Eye Strain: Extended screen exposure often leads to digital eye strain. Sterling Vision’s computer glasses, designed by our Eugene, Oregon optometry experts, feature advanced lenses with anti-reflective and blue-light blocking filters, shielding your eyes from glare and reducing digital strain.

2. Reduce Headaches: Prolonged computer use can trigger chronic headaches. By embracing Sterling Vision’s computer glasses, expertly recommended by our Eugene eye doctor, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing digital eye strain and its associated headaches.

3. Optimize Your Vision: Computer glasses enhance your intermediate vision, vital for computer tasks. Our Eugene, Oregon optometry team ensures they offer tailored support for extended screen sessions.

4. Improve Sleep Quality: Staring at screens before bedtime disrupts sleep due to blue light’s melatonin suppression. Sterling Vision’s computer glasses, recommended by our Eugene eye doctor, mitigate melatonin suppression, promoting quicker sleep onset and better rest.

For those immersed in screen-intensive activities, Sterling Vision in Eugene, Oregon offers the perfect solution. Explore our extensive range of computer glasses, including lenses with anti-glare and blue light coatings. Prioritize your eye health today by calling 541-342-2202 or booking online.  Experience the difference with Sterling Vision’s computer glasses, expertly curated by our Eugene, Oregon optometry team.