Acute and Chronic Uveitis

Acute and Chronic Uveitis

Learn more about acute and chronic uveitis, including causes and symptoms.

Understanding Anterior Uveitis:

Causes, Symptoms, and Management

Anterior uveitis, also called iritis, is a rare yet significant eye condition with inflammation in the deeper layers around the iris. It often links to underlying medical issues, requiring careful management by both eye specialists and primary care physicians.

Types of Anterior Uveitis: There are two primary types: acute and chronic.

Acute Anterior Uveitis:

  • Symptoms are severe and rapid.
  • Signs include light sensitivity, redness, and deep discomfort.
  • Diagnosis involves eye pressure assessment and white blood cell detection.
  • Standard treatment includes anti-inflammatory eye drops and muscle-relaxing drops.

Chronic Anterior Uveitis:

  • Common in autoimmune disease patients.
  • Often symptomless, requiring regular eye specialist check-ups.

Trust in Sterling Vision: At Sterling Vision, our expert team excels in diagnosing and treating anterior uveitis. Dr. Edwards, our renowned retinal specialist, specializes in autoimmune disease and uveitis care.

Early diagnosis and effective management are crucial. Our specialists provide comprehensive care and guidance.

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