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Anthony Kim

Anthony’s cataracts cost him more than his ability to drive at night. They cost him his sense of independence.

All it took was a visit to Sterling Vision to change everything. Anthony’s tailored treatment plan quickly restored his vision, his ability to drive at night and, most importantly, his independence.

Emily Miller

After an AMD diagnosis, Emily thought she’d forever lose sight of what she loved most: her family and her garden.

Emily’s optometrist referred to Sterling Vision, where she could take part in an advanced clinical trial. Two years later and Emily’s still in the garden, now passing her passion to her grandchildren.

Tim Jenkins

After suffering on-and-off headaches for years, Tim finally narrowed the cause down to his prescription.

A friend recommended Sterling Vision, where a team works closely to get his prescription right the first and every time. Now, Tim’s headaches are long gone, along with his frustration.

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Albert O. Edwards

We don’t just treat conditions. We treat people—with genuine compassion and concern.

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