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Upgrade your look with stylish frames and affordable glasses or contacts that perfectly fit your face and budget. Ensure optimal eye health through thorough eye exams conducted by our experienced eye doctors at Sterling Vision, the premier eye clinic in Eugene, Oregon. Trust in the expertise of our board-certified surgeons to simplify complex treatments and enhance your vision.


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Vision Therapy

Not all vision problems can be diagnosed as simply "bad eyesight." Even with good vision, you could have trouble with things like reading and understanding, spatial reasoning and dizziness. These issues usually require an individualized treatment plan to correct your exact visual motor, perceptual and cognitive deficiencies. Vision therapy teaches the brain how to use the eyes effectively to gather information, understand it quickly and react to it appropriately.

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Anthony Kim

Anthony’s cataracts cost him more than his ability to drive at night. They cost him his sense of independence.

Anthony’s struggle with cataracts reached beyond impairing his nightly drives; it took away his cherished independence. A turning point came when he visited Sterling Vision in Eugene, OR. The dedicated ophthalmologists crafted a personalized treatment plan that not only swiftly restored his vision and night driving but, above all, reinstated Anthony’s sense of independence.

Emily Miller

After an AMD diagnosis, Emily thought she’d forever lose sight of what she loved most: her family and her garden.

Her Eugene, OR optometrists guided her to Sterling Vision, offering participation in an innovative clinical trial. Fast forward two years, and Emily not only tends to her garden but also shares her passion with her grandchildren, thanks to the breakthrough at Sterling Vision.

Tim Jenkins

After suffering on-and-off headaches for years, Tim finally narrowed the cause down to his prescription.

At the suggestion of a friend, Tim turned to Sterling Vision, a leading eye care clinic in Eugene, Oregon. The dedicated team at Sterling Vision collaborated to ensure Tim’s prescription was accurate from the very first visit and continued to meet his needs. As a result, Tim not only bid farewell to persistent headaches but also left behind the frustration that once accompanied his vision issues.

Reveal your best you

Quick, non-invasive treatments performed by aesthetic and anti-aging professionals help keep you looking as terrific as you feel.

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Albert O. Edwards

We don’t just treat conditions. We treat people—with genuine compassion and concern.

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